Interesting conversations. Interested people.

Effortlessly follow the conversations trending in your network, and organize them into distinct channels. Designed to encourage rich discussion with mutually interested parties.

Local trends and insights

The speed of Twitter is valuable. It’s energetic and adaptable, but can be difficult to follow and organize.

Argot offers a way to capture conversations where they happen, and then organize them in an environment that’s less noisy. Like moving from the sidewalk to a coffee shop.

And it’s inclusive. Sometimes people mutually interested in the topic of the channel will be discovered at the edge of–or just beyond–your immediate network, and it will bring them in. Striking a balance between familiarity and exploration.

Find new insights at the edge of your network

Under the hood, Argot has some unique abilities to help you reach your network on the topics you’re interested in, but also intelligently bring in new voices who are just as interested in the topic of the channel as you are.

Not only this, but it effortlessly keeps different conversations organized. Separate channels for separate conversations.

Break out and talk.

Deeper Conversations

Discuss what you care about with the people who care. Keep the conversation going in a place where it can evolve naturally.

New Relationships

Take advantage of Argot’s ability to help you find common ground with new people at the edge of your network.

Organized Channels

Conversations are organized by topic into channels. Interest stays high, distraction stays low.

A new way to network.

If you’re ready to try a better way to stay involved with your network on the topics you care about, and discover some new voices along the way, come join us.